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Our Vision: “To provide all kinds of solutions which can ease complexities of human life”.

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If yes, then you are on right site. We,, are committed to provide outdoor advertising solution to marketing companies and ad agencies. Here you will find billboards, posters, bulletins, kiosks, gentries, transits etc. We provide every details about billboard size, billboard cost, media location on MAP and many more. (INNOCON) is a start up firm in online renting, purchasing and selling of out of home (OOH) media. We provide the latest features and a user friendly environment that allows marketing companies to reach their customers and provide best services in a cost effective manner. In simple terms, we provide a platform where advertising agencies and/or marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost.

If you, or your company, have been thinking of increasing your reach and bottom line, we would like to associate with you. Kindly register your ad company/agency and upload about outdoor media. As of now, ALL THE SERVICES ARE FREE OF COST AND YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANYTHING*.